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( ə-kūt )


Acute Leaf Tip


[L. < acutus pp. of acuere, to sharpen; cf. ACUITY].

  1. having a sharp point.
  2. keen or of quick-mindedness; shrewd.
  3. sensitive to impression.
  4. sharp pain.
  5. severe jealousy.
  6. severe but of a brief duration; not chronic: said of some diseases.
  7. crucial; critical.
  8. high pitch; shrill.
  9. in geometry, measuring below a 90° angle.

Syn. - acute suggests severe intensification of an event or condition that sharply approaches a climax (an acute shortage). Critical is applied during a turning point which will decisely dictate an outcome (a critical battle in the war). Crucial comes into contrast with critical where a trial determines a line of action versus a decisive turning point involved (a crucial debate on domestic policy). See SHARP.

Acute Leaf Tip

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