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[ME. ewe also yowe; AS. eowu fem. of eow sheep; akin to G. au- in aulamm ewe lamb; IE.. base *owi-s, sheep, as also in L. ovis].

The female of sheep.

Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Phylum Chordata – chordates
Subphylum Vertebrata – vertebrates
Class Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758 – mammals
Subclass Theria Parker and Haswell, 1897
Infraclass Eutheria Gill, 1872
Order Artiodactyla Owen, 1848 – artiodactyls, cloven-hoofed ungulates, even-toed ungulates
Family Bovidae Gray, 1821 – antelopes, cattle, goats, sheep, bovids
Subfamily Caprinae Gray, 1821
Genus Ovis Linnaeus, 1758 – sheep
Ovis, Linnaeus, 1758 Taxonomic Serial No.: 180709


  • Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (College Edition) ©1955
  • Ewes, Sheepy Hollow Farm
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